Deep snow - wilderness skiing experience in Pyhä-Luosto

    New innovation of a mixture of snowshoes and skis. Explore and have fun in the snowy forest or have more extreme tour and climb easily up the snowy Fells and slide down.

    2 hours and 30 minutes



    A superior way to go in a snowy forest. Wilderness sliding snowshoes combines the best features of a ski and a snowshoe.
    Sliding snowshoes are an intermediate form of wild skis and snowshoes. They are best suited for hiking and hilly terrain.

    Sliding snowshoes, which have become more common in recent years, combine some of the features of traditional wilderness shoes with snowshoes.
    Long traditional wilderness skis are at their best when skiing in swamps, fields or other open terrain, while snowshoes allow access to inaccessible places on skis.

    The slippers are almost as load-bearing as traditional batches. While slippers look like skis, they are more snowshoe in nature. Due to their sliding feature, they also have a faster move from place to place compared to regular snowshoes. At its best, however, slip-on shoes are on steep slopes and dense forests. 

    LONGER TOUR: If you want to go more deeper and higher ground in the national park and fell areas, you can choose from extras 5 hour activity with campfire snacks and beverages.


    • Warm winter clothes
    • Hot drinks and snacks
    • Transportation 
    • Equipment 
    • Professional guide

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    Deep snow - wilderness skiing experience in Pyhä-Luosto

    2 hours and 30 minutes




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