Salmon fishing at pool #1

    Do you know how does it feel when large salmon is on, or when salmon is landed, and you can share it with your friends?

    6 hours



    Even the name tells it, Pool #1 is the best salmon fishing place in the Kymijoki and it is well known for its large salmons and seatrouts. The Pool is a private area and there are about 250 meters piers, made for easy and pleasant fishing. The area is located straight under the Koivukoski powerplant and that’s why the area gathers so many fish. Pool #1 is homely and it's equipped with wickets and outdoor fitments. Facilities are excellent for any kind of visitors you might have.

    Fishing in Pool #1 happens casting lure from piers or from the boat. The famous method is also harling, which is kind of a small-scale trolling with the rowboat. From May to June target fish is rainbow trout or pike. The area is also known by trophy size northern pikes. Pike fishing is excellent from March to July, and from October to December. Salmons and seatrouts begin to migrate at the beginning of July and usually fishing targets to those species after that.


    Price includes

    -Fishing rights to the private area

    -Fishing guide services

    -All fishing equipment’s

    -Coffee on the fireplace



    Please note

    You can order food, accommodation and sauna three days before the event, in this case contact the organizer (Kymi Fishing Oy).

    Essentials to pack for an activity

    Clothes according to the weather. 

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    Jokipolku 61

    Salmon fishing at pool #1

    6 hours




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    EUR 1200.00