• Sauna Tour with Ruka Safaris
    Sauna Tour with Ruka Safaris
  • Northern Lights in the night sky
    Northern Lights in the night sky
  • Dip in the Ice hole
    Dip in the Ice hole
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    SaunaTour - Finnish Sauna experience and Wild food dinner

    Experience the true Finnish sauna and enjoy a dinner of pure arctic flavours.

    6 hours

    Very easy


    Experience the traditional Finnish sauna at Iisakki’s lakeside sauna in the Iisakki Village. Iisakki's sauna is one of the first saunas awarded with the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience -certificate. The certificate allows sauna enthusiasts to identify the best and highest quality Finnish sauna experiences. This experience is guided with local sauna guide who will tell you about the original sauna culture and why it is so important to the Finns! Sauna guide also joins you in the sauna and shows what to do and how to get the most out of your sauna experience. No one is naked during this experience, you can wear your bathing suit in the sauna. The outdoor jacuzzi is available for the group and sitting in the warm water among the frozen nature is an unique experience! But the true high light is a dip in the ice hole!
    Sauna is suitable for everyone from small children to grandparents. During the sauna experience berry juice, water and tea is served as well as small snacks.
    After the sauna experience it is time to enjoy traditional Lappish wild food dinner with local wild food delicacies as fish, wild game and berries. Dinner is served in restaurant Kontioluola (Bears cave). This mythical restaurant is hidden in a forest close to Iisakki Village.

    This Activity is organized by Ruka Safaris / +358-(0)8 8521610 / sales@rukasafaris.fi


    Towels, shampoo and shower gel are included. 

    Essentials to pack for an activity

    Please bring your own bathing suit or bathrobe if you wish to wear one.

    Meeting points

    Possible starting points for this experience:
    Iisakki Village
    4 Myllylahdentie

    SaunaTour - Finnish Sauna experience and Wild food dinner

    6 hours

    Very easy



    starting at

    EUR 156.00