Trout fishing in the surging waves of coastal Kotka - fishing trip

    Fishing for sea trout in the surging waves is truly the king of fishing sports

    7 hours



    Sea trout is enough for reward in itself but when combined with the refreshing sea breeze and surging waves hitting the shore, it’s a fishing trip to remember. In the springtime, sea trout fishing can start right after the open water season and it can be continued until the sea freezes again in the winter. Max. 6 persons. 

    Location: Kaunissaari, Pyhtää. Transportation by boat from Sapokka, Kotka.


    Fly fishing or lure fishing on the shore. All necessary fishing equipment provided by the tour operator, no fishing equipment needed. Fishing on known, good catch locations pointed by the guide. Moving between fishing spots on foot (small distances) or by boat. You can keep the edible fish that you catch.


    Please note

    NOTE: Without a valid fishing license the trip will be canceled.

    The Finnish fishing guild (registered association) recommends the following fishing quota and catch sizes to ensure the vitality and the well-being of different fish species.

    Sea trout 50cm 1 pc / fisher. According to Finnish law, all fish with an adipose fin must be released back to the sea.

    Essentials to pack for an activity

    Clothes according to the weather. 

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    Trout fishing in the surging waves of coastal Kotka - fishing trip

    7 hours




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