• On the lake

    Rent canoe on the river or lake

    Come and enjoy nature's beauty on paddling on the river or lake of Pyhä.

    5 hours


    144 Arvostelua


    You can choose renting canoe on the river or on the lake. One canoe is suitable for 2–3 persons. When you do the booking amount is the number of canoes you need. When you continue with booking there will come extra questions for example what time would you like to do renting and how many persons is going to do canoeing. 

    Check also our guided tours or ask special mid night sun canoeing in June and July 

    Canoeing in lake:

    Canoeing around the beautiful lake Pyhäjärvi is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the nature and Pyhä-Luosto landscapes. 

    The route begins from the historic village of Pyhäjärvi, surrounded by beautiful fells. You can decide how long you want to canoe, on the way there is couple huts what you can use for a break, or maybe you just want to relax and take sun middle of the lake without mosquitos. ;)

    Price for lake: 50€ / one canoe

    2 canoes or more: 40€ / canoe

    Canoeing in river:

    13 km long about 5 hours canoeing you may even see our animals or a small pike jumping in a river. There is really small white water areas what are suitable for beginners. On the way there is a small hut were you can have a break. 

    Canoe is suitable 2-3 persons, but in river only 2 adults in one canoe. Third person can be a child. Specially in dry summers river bottom contact is possible and you may need to get out from canoe to help it back on the move. It is also possible to do the tour with guide.  

    In renting we will meet you on the ending point and drive you to beginning were we will give you information about the river and equipment. Renting doesn't include snacks by campfire. 

    Price for river: 90€ / one canoe

    2 canoes or more: 70€ / canoe

    You can also ask availability to rent Canoe to another area via email. kairankutsu@gmail.com


    Rent tour: Canoe, paddling vest, helmet, dry bag. 

    Essentials to pack for an activity

    Own snacks and water bottle. 

    Meeting points

    Possible starting points for this experience:
    River canoe meeting place
    870 Pyhäntie

    Rent canoe on the river or lake

    5 hours


    144 Arvostelua



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    EUR 50.00