Sauna in Linnansaari National Park

    Traditional Finnish wood heated sauna by the Lake Saimaa. Located on the main island of Linnansaari National Park.

    1 hour



    Enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna during your stay in the National Park.  

    The sauna is located on Linnansaari island and it can be booked online or from the cafeteria on the island. The sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna with a wood heated stove, water pot (to get warm water for washing) and of course direct access to the lake for swimming. The sauna has 1 hour turns and the first goer is responsible for heating up the sauna (if it's your first time please ask advise from the cafeteria). The heating takes about one hour and the wood can be found from the shed next to the sauna. Please remember to add wood to the sauna oven and the water pot to give a nice and hot sauna for the next goer as well. Also add fresh water to the cold tank.  

    Additional tips for newcomers to the sauna  

    • Get undressed, there is no reason for swimming suits either :) 
    • Make some warm water by mixing the hot water from the pot and cold water from the tank. Give yourself a quick wash. 
    • Get into the sauna with a bowl of water. Increase the humidity by throwing water on the stones. The temperature should be around 70-100 degrees, it’s up to you how hot you like it. 
    • After a few minutes of perspiring, refresh yourself by jumping into the lake. 
    • Repeat as many times as you wish and finally have a good wash. In Finland most people would have at least two sessions in the hot room.  
    • Remember to look into the stoves a couple of times during your turn. If the wood has almost burnt out add 3-4 pieces. Always add a few pieces of wood before you leave the sauna. 
    • Get dressed only after your body temperature has returned to normal and you have stopped perspiring.  

    The sauna is in use from May until October. 

    Please clean up, leave no trash behind you and lock the door when you leave.   


    Please note

    1. The pin code for the sauna door will be sent to you after booking.

    2. The sauna is located on an island!

    The sauna is located on the mais island of Linnansaari National Park. Arriving to the island only by boat or paddling. Closest main land village is Oravi where you can rent paddling gear/ boats or hop into the regular boat transfer that runs to the island 3 times a day between 21st June until 31st Aug. Other times yu can order a water taxi.

    Essentials to pack for an activity

    Bring your own towel, washing products and matches Remember to take some drinks with you as well!

    Meeting points

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    Linnansaari National Park
    Linnansaari National Park

    Sauna in Linnansaari National Park

    1 hour



    Savonlinna (Nyslott)

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