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    Survival skills

    In this program You'll learn the basics in surviving under the conditions of nature.

    2 hours



    You'll learn how to "call" for help, how to build a quick-fix shelter and how to make a fire to keep You warm without matches or lighters.

    After the program we will enjoy a hot beverage by the fire and discuss surviving and safety outdoors


    • Survival skills
    • Hot beverage by the fire

    Please note

    • Korpo is situated 2 hours drive from Turku and 4 hours drive from Helsinki. Buses travel daily and the bus stop is 500 meter from the starting point.
    • Korpo is an island in the outer archipelago outside of Turku.

    Essentials to pack for an activity

    • For the activity it’s good to have proper wind and water durable clothing, the weather can change quickly in the archipelago.
    • Bring a hat on sunny days.

    Meeting points

    Possible starting points for this experience:
    Naawa Nature Camp
    Träsknäs 2

    Survival skills

    2 hours




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    EUR 70.00