Espoo Waterfront Walkway

A unique recreation and an outdoor route Espoo Rantaraitti – Fun activities to do at the seaside all year round
The Espoo seaside route, which goes from Ruukinranta to Saunalahti, has lots of recreational activities to offer in the marine environment. There are almost a hundred interesting places along the shoreline to discover. Each place has a unique way of telling the story of Espoo's nature, cultural history, and past coastal life. Enjoy the scenery on a lunch cruise or hop on an archipelago boat that takes tourists to the charming outdoor islands and to the unique Pentala Archipelago Museum in summer. Stay at the hotel, visit the museums, walk, bike, and enjoy the stunning sea views all year round. What about renting a city bike, boat, SUP board, or go for fishing with worms? Espoo Waterfront Walkway offers a spectrum of landscapes such as forests, urban cityscapes, and beaches. The seafront is easily accessible from Helsinki by public transportation. The beach trail does not sleep even in winter. When the winter gets cold enough, it is possible to go skiing, snowshoeing, or ice fishing on the sea ice.

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The Delicious Cafés and Restaurants

City Life

Enjoy fine or more relaxed food experiences according to your preference in Espoo's Rantaraitti cafés and restaurants. The restaurants and cafés below are listed in the order from Ruukinranta to Kivenlahti. Tarvaspää Cafe Zoceria, Café Elfvik, Restaurant Ranta, Lucy in the Sky, Restaurant Blägä, Restaurant Plats, Café Otsolahti, Café Mellsten, Haukilahden Ranta Cafe & Bar, Haukilahden Paviljonki, Café Merenneito, Nokkalan Majakka, Villa Pentry, Cafe Cabriela, café Villa Rulludd, Restaurant Marine, Wiskarila, Kahvila and Putiikki Pupusaari.

The best beaches in Espoo


All the listed beaches have toilet facilities and are supervised in summer. The state of the beach water is monitored regularly. • Haukilahti beach (ice swimming, restaurant services, archipelago boat pier, city boats, beach volleyball court) • Matinkylä beach (ice swimming, Café Merenneito, Nokkala Lighthouse, archipelago boat pier, beach volleyball court) • Westend Beach (kiosk) • Kivenlahti beach (kiosk, beach volleyball court) • Hanika Beach (kiosk, kayaking) • Klobben (Soukka) (kiosk)

Enchanting hotels of Espoo's Rantaraitti

Wildlife & Nature

Find your favorite place to stay and sleep sweetly along the coastline. Hotel Hanasaari is a Swedish-Finnish cultural center and a maritime hotel on the border of Espoo and Helsinki. The atmosphere is modernly Scandinavian locating next to the Iso Omena shopping center in Matinkylä. Recreational areas and Nokkala Lighthouse are in its vicinity. Enjoy the beautiful shore of Otaniemi and stay in Radisson Blue Hotel Espoo. Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Gardenia is not only a hotel but Tapiola's own unique meeting place for people.

Take a boat to Espoo’s outdoor islands

Landscapes & Sceneries

Enjoy a boat trip to the enchanting archipelago. Espoo has 15 outdoor islands and five of them are reached by archipelago boats in summer. In some of the islands, it is even possible to camp. The outdoor islands are equipped, and have piers, quest moorings, cooking shelters, toilets, and wells. Well water is mainly not drinkable, so it is advisable to take your own water. The city brings firewood to the islands and handles waste management. The archipelago boats take travelers to Pentala, Iso Vasikkasaari, Stora Herröö, Gåsgrund and Rövarene.

City bikes and boats

Outdoor & Sports

Experience the scenery of the coastline by renting a city boat or bike. The city bikes are a joint service between Espoo and Helsinki enabling convenient and ecological moving. The season runs from April to October. The city rowing boats can be rented along the Espoo Waterfront Walkway. The city boat stations are found in Nokkala, Haukilahti, Otsolahti and Keilaranta. Many hotels rent bicycles to their guests. The Lagoon Water Sports Center rents electric bikes, which is also a nice alternative.