Relax in the center of most beautiful part of Häme!
The story of Forssa began in the Spinning Mill area. The Swedish-born Axel Wahren founded the spinning mill in 1847. Nowadays the spectacular Spinning Mill area houses museums and exhibition spaces that showcase the city’s history and heritage. The area has formed into a popular event location. History has been honoured also by renovating the Theatre of Living Pictures in the heart of the city by River Loimijoki.

Forssa is widely known as a sporting town, and its centre has every swimming lover’s must-see location: Viihdeuimala Vesihelmi Spa where you can spend hours splashing around in the bubbles, waves and slides. Forssa is also known of its beautiful parks. The Forssa National Urban Park is in the heart of the town. It's history tells of the fast change from the countryside environment into an industrialized centre in a century. In the area one can see the history of a small village settlement from the middle ages through the industrialized community to a modern town.

Thanks to its excellent location, Forssa is easily accessible by public buses among others hourly from Helsinki. The town is best enjoyed by foot or by bicycle. It is also worth visiting the heart of the town, the famous market place, where you can meet plenty of cheerful people.

In co-operation with Visit Kanta-Häme, we welcome You to Forssa!

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Spinning Mill

Arts & Culture

Spinning Mill area hosts museums, library, gift shop and cafés for visitors and serves also locals as a cultural centre and a place for education ranging from preschool to art education and university of applied sciences. Area also includes beautiful Factory Park with old pictoresque wooden villas.

Forssa Museum

History & Architecture

The museum is located in the heart of the Spinning Mill area. Museum´s exhibition, City of Colourful Cloth, tells how Forssa evolved from a group of farming villages in the middle of 19th century into a modern industrial city. Museum´s Gallery Moletti with changing exhibitions is the only exhibition room in Finland focused in textile art. Forssa Museum was elected as a Museum of the year 2014 in Finland and was a nominee for the European Museum 2015.

Market place

City Life

The Forssa Market Square is the heart of the city and a living room for its residents. Over the decades, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday have become established market days. At the Market Square, vegetables, root vegetables, flowers and seasonal produce are purchased from local producers, and people chat over a cup of coffee. Larger markets and various events are also organised at the Market Square all year round.

Nature museum

Arts & Culture

The museum is one of the most popular attractions in Forssa, being located at the charming Spinning Mill area. Collections are owned by the Nature Conservation Society of South-West Häme, founded in 1951 by professor Torild Brander. The museum displays about 6000 items and specimens, focus being on local nature and conservation biology.

Viihdeuimala Vesihelmi Spa


Viihdeuimala Vesihelmi is a cheerful water sports centre for the whole family at the Forssa City centre. It serves as a spa for relaxing and as a pool for swimmers. Vesihelmi has water slides, a wave pool, Jacuzzis, a 25-metre fitness pool with 6 tracks, a cold pool and a warm therapy pool.