The hidden secret of coastal Finland
Salo is located in the southwest coastal area of Finland, along the E18 highway, between Helsinki and Turku. It is easy to reach by car, bus or train from both cities. Salo is known worldwide for wireless technology development and electronics production know-how. Salo is, in fact, the birthplace of Nokia mobile phones.

Visitors will find a lot to see and experience while in Salo. The surroundings of the Teijo ironworks villages offer a wealth of experiential recreation the whole year round. The maritime nature creates a spectacular setting for active holidays, and the idyllic ironworks villages of Mathildedal, Teijo and Kirjakkala take you on a fascinating journey through the centuries. Located right next to the old cultural ironworks landscape, Teijo National Park offers the whole family plenty to do in its varied, wilderness-like nature. The area is equally perfect for day hikes and slightly longer treks. The village with its own sourdough bakery and chocolate factory, a brewery and several cafés, almost 40 alpacas, restaurants & shops; these are only a few of the many surprises the village of Mathildedal has to offer and it is located right next to the fantastic natural landscape of Teijo National Park.

Teijo ironworks village known for the historic Teijo Manor, the smallest stone church in Finland, and a ski resort and golf course. The immediate proximity of the sea, the 18th century manor milieu, and the versatile range of services, culture and events provided by the village all come together to make Teijo a unique destination. Cycling is growing constantly and the number of cyclists along the Coastal Route is increasing each year. The Coastal Route starts from Salo and heads out to the archipelago via Teijo National Park and the idyllic ironworks villages. Renting a bicycle is easy, as there are many rental outlets along the route.

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Teijo National Park

Wildlife & Nature

Established in 2015 Teijo National Park is a beautiful gateway to the nature and also to the archipelago. Visitors - 105 000 annually - come all year round. Teijo National Park offers many faces of Finland in a small area - lovely lakes, green forests, marshes, streams and sea – all conveniently located in a small area and close to three historic ironworks villages. Activities for visitors of all ages include fishing, rowing, canoeing, wild swimming and sauna, hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing.

Mathildedal Ironworks Village

History & Architecture

The Mathildedal ironworks village next to Teijo National Park radiates an upbeat village atmosphere: red ochre houses, ironworks buildings, history, shops, unique delicacies, artisan products found nowhere else, and natural beauty. The village is located right by the clear Lake Matildanjärvi and the sea. The vibrant village hosts numerous concerts, gigs, art exhibitions, theater performances, events and a range of festivities throughout the year.

Wiurila Manor

Arts & Culture

Owned by the Armfelt family since 1787, is one of the most important manor estates and most impressive cultural milieus in Finland. Wiurila is a unique destination for anyone, local or foreign, who wants to experience manor life, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, and be inspired by art, culture and nature. Their creative kitchen, the manor’s amazing history, the beautiful milieu and their inviting rooms offer unique experiences for the body, mind and soul.

Salo Marketplace

City Life

The best marketplace in Finland – Salo Marketplace – is a busy and popular place in the summer. The marketplace is a public living room, and the marketplace cafés are a must for people of all ages – both for the locals and visitors. In addition to the actual market days, the marketplace hosts many different events, such as the popular and famous evening markets on summer Thursdays from June to the end of August. The evening markets feature Finnish performing artists, trade stalls, pancake cafés, second-hand goods and a separate flea market.

Art Museum Veturitalli & Sculpture Walk

Arts & Culture

Salo Art Museum is located in an old locomotive hall, right next to the railway station and bus station. In addition to the changing exhibitions, the museum hosts concerts and other events. More information on them is available on the museum website at A locomotive placed on the inner yard serves as a reminder of the history of the roundhouse. The locomotive was built at the Tampella factories in Tampere in 1921. There are a number of outdoor sculptures, reliefs and monuments in Salo that are worth exploring.