An Active Nature Town
Every visit to Kuusamo is the beginning of a new adventure, where unique experiences come to life to the rhythm of the changing seasons. Many who have experienced the magic of one Arctic Circle holidays are already planning their next escape into Kuusamo’s thrilling wilderness!

Kuusamo town is situated in the north-eastern part of Finland, in the province of Oulu, about 800 kilometres north of Helsinki..

Kuusamo is known for its natural beauty. Fells and forests reach as far as the eye can see, a wilderness split by lakes, rivers and rapids. An abundance of snow is guaranteed - normally at least a meter - and it remains sparkling white throughout the season starting from end of October until May.

Kuusamo and the Ruka ski resort are one of the most popular all-year tourist resorts in Finland. Ruka is also the host of many international competitions in ski jumping, cross country skiing and Nordic combined.

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Oulanka National park

Wildlife & Nature

The Oulanka National Park is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Finland and has been used for recreational purposes since the 1930s. The legendary 82 km Karhunkierros is the most popular hiking trail in Finland, with breath-taking landscapes that never grow old. Oulanka and the Karhunkierros trail extend from Salla to Kuusamo.

Ruka Ski Resort

Outdoor & Sports

Ruka area is one of the biggest attractions in Kuusamo. A range of high hills with a beautiful view to all directions offers a lot of variable trails for skiers, hikers and bikers. With its restaurants, hotels and shops the unique pedestrian village in Ruka has been acknowledged for its warm atmosphere. To be able to walk to the slopes and ski to the centre of the village is what a real ski holiday is about.

Hiking in Kuusamo

Wildlife & Nature

Hiking is one of best ways to see the nature of Kuusamo. The trails in Kuusamo vary greatly in length and difficulty, but they all lead the trekker to some of the most magnificent natural sites in the area. The most famous and popular hiking trails is the Karhunkierros Trail.

Bear Watching

Wildlife & Nature

The Bear Finland’s national animal is the bear. It is the largest predator in the whole of Europe. The number of bears in Finland varies between 800 – 1000, with the largest number of individuals inhabiting regions located in eastern Finland and Lapland. A bear’s most important attributes are its excellent sense of smell and hearing. While bears can’t see very well, they are able to detect movement very easily. Using these senses, the bear avoids people as much as possible, and it is extremely rare to see a bear in its natural habitat.

Visit Reindeer Farm

Wildlife & Nature

While visiting in Kuusamo you should visit in Kujala Reindeer Farm to see their friendly reindeers. Kujala Reindeer farm is one of the biggest and oldest farms in Kuusamo. You will find different kind of reindeer adventures from farm visits to reindeer yoga and reindeer sleigh-rides.