Nature is our character
Sotkamo center is a typical Finnish municipality center with a good selection of shops and services. Sotkamo has one of the best sand beaches in Finland. The Hiukka beach and its atmospheric lights by the Lake Sapsojärvi in the Sotkamo center, often quoted as “the Riviera of Kainuu”, is a popular place to spend a summer day. From Hiukka beach there are nature tracks which are ideal for walking in the nature while admiring the magnificent views.

Just a few steps from the beach, is the Finnish baseball stadium, Marjex Stadion. The local team “Sotkamon Jymy” is one of the best teams in Finland with 19 national championships. During summer, baseball games of the highest national league take place at the stadium. Next to Sotkamo is the versatile Vuokatti tourist resort, where there is plenty to do year-round, from golf to mountain biking and skiing.

You can enhance your nature experience on guided nature trails or linger in a national park. Hiidenportti National Park is located a 50-minute drive away, and Tiilikkajärvi National Park, an hour's drive from Sotkamo. Hiidenportti National Park has guided routes, duckboards, and varying terrain from stone quarries to swamps. Tiilikkajärvi National Park has easy guided routes, swamp landscapes, and a wonderful sandy beach, Russian sands. The gorge valley of Hiidenportti and Russian sands are wonderful places shaped by nature worth experiencing.

In co-operation with Visit Vuokatti, we welcome You to Sotkamo!

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Marjex Stadion

Outdoor & Sports

Marjex Stadion is located in Hiukka, Sotkamo and is one of the most legendary baseball sanctuaries in Finland. If the cool setting and years of success emanating from the stadium area don't make an impression, your heart will melt at the latest when you step into the stands. The fairytale-like landscape of Lake Sapsojärvi glistening in the sun and Vuokatti hills behind the lake will capture your gaze for a long time - or at least until the game is whistled to start and the players run while the supporters cheer!


Arts & Culture

Huovishuone, located in Niemelä, Sotkamo, presents the work and living environment, production, and backgrounds of the well-known writer Veikko Huovinen from Sotkamo. The museum has a replica of Huovinen's study as well as objects owned by Veikko, such as a typewriter, a fishing diary, and a fishing rod. When visiting Huovishuone, you can imagine how Huovinen sat at his desk, how the click of the typewriter filled the room and the landscape from the window inspired the author with his texts.

Sotkamo's Lutheran church

History & Architecture

The Sotkamo church, located on the shore of Lake Sotkamojärvi, is the fifth in line. The wooden church designed by architect Oldenburg was built in the famine years at the end of the 1860s. The altarpiece was painted by S. Falkman. During the winter war in 1940, the church was hit by two bombs dropped from an airplane. One of the bombs exploded, shattering 60 windowpanes, and damaging the altarpiece. The church's stylistic direction has been defined as a later Renaissance church, which was accompanied by neo-Gothic details emphasizing solidity.

Hiukka beach


Sotkamon nykyinen kirkko, joka sijaitsee aivan keskustan tuntumassa Sotkamojärven rannalla, on järjestyksessään viides. Arkkitehti Oldenburgin suunnittelema puukirkko rakennettiin nälkävuosina 1860-luvun lopulla. Alttaritaulun on maalannut S. Falkman. Kirkkoon osui talvisodan aikana vuonna 1940 kaksi lentokoneesta pudotettua pommia. Toinen pommeista räjähti särkien 60 ikkunaruutua ja vioittaen alttaritaulua. Kirkon tyylisuunta on määritelty myöhäisemmäksi renesanssikirkoksi, johon liittyi uusgoottilaisia, jykevyyttä korostavia yksityiskohtia.