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Roadtrip to the Southeast coast of Finland

Arrive to Finland by plane and get your rental car straight from the airport. Head 130km to the East and you will arrive to Kotka Region. This is where you will be based during your stay, on the Southeast coast of Finland, small seaside town called Kotka. Stay in a cozy cabin by the sea, enjoy multiple nature activities close by, see the main sights of Kotka and visit the Russian border. Southeast coast of Finland is the perfect destination for a roadtrip like this! If you fancy more of a staycation, just change your accommodation to the hotel.
2 - 4 Days
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Holiday for Nature Lovers Savonlinna Region

Visit the most beautiful nature spots on Lake Saimaa, spend your nights in charming hotels, villas or B&B and try out variety of lake activities. This tour leads you to a the the national parks of Savonlinna - Linnansaari and Kolovesi, to Punkaharju national landscapes and Hytermä nature conservation island - as well as to the beautiful town of Savonlinna.
4 - 14 Days
Linnansaari National Park - Kolovesi National Park - Kerimäki - Punkaharju - Kesälahti - Savonlinna
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Savonlinna City & Nature Holiday

With this travel package suitable for the weekend, you can get to know the city of Savonlinna and the experiences, sights and nature it offers. Go on a cruise, visit Olavinlinna and Riihisaari, enjoy local delicacies and get to know the lovely Sulosaari, for example, on a self-guided walking tour. On the way to Punkaharju, you should stop by Kerimäki and get to know the world's largest wooden church. The second night will be spent in the Punkaharju national landscape, enjoying the scenery and atmosphere or actively exploring the wonderful ridge landscapes, depending on your choice.
2 - 3 Days
Savonlinna - Kerimäki - Punkaharju
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Relaxing Lakeland Tour for Adults

A relaxing journey through the most beautiful landscapes in the embrace of Lake Saimaa takes you from the Punkaharju national landscape to the heart of Savonlinna. Enjoy scenic cruises or explore the city by walking. Don't forget to visit in great Olavinlinna castle. From Savonlinna tour continues into the landscapes of Puumala, where you can get to know the historic Saimaa Geopark. In Puumala, the journey continues to the magnificent and relaxing lake idyll of Rantasalmi, where you can choose the course of the day according to relaxation or a more active trip. Enjoy nature, Saimaa, Finland's largest lake, explore the city's sights and sample local delicacies.
4 - 5 Days
Punkaharju - Savonlinna - Puumala - Rantasalmi
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South-West culinary trip

In co-operation with Hungry for Finland we have created a tasty trip to the South-West region of Finland and worlds largest archipelago. Start your culinary trip from Pori, explore the archipelago one town at the time and get try their best tastes. Turku and Naantali specially are known for being great places for foodies!
2 - 4 days
Pori - Rauma - Naantali - Turku
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Weekend Getaway in Kotka

Kotka is located an hour and half from Helsinki, in the southeast corner of Finland. Kotka is well-known as a popular seaside city and it is perfect getaway destination for the weekend. During this weekend holiday you are able to see some of the best parts of Kotka like all the beautiful parks, Mansikkalahti Beach and some nature. Not to forget to mention Market Square where you can buy original "posso". Sweet doughnut-like treat filled with apple jam.
2 - 4 days
Helsinki - Pyhtää - Kotka - Virolahti - Miehikkälä - Hamina
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Via Karelia

Experience the Finnish National landscape in the heart of Koli National park, capital of North Karelia, Joensuu and nature of Nurmes and Karelian Holiday Resort Bomba. Driving in Finland is easy and stress-free, there are no traffic jams and very little traffic in rural areas. Stop by little villages, find a public beach on a lake and go for a swim. The national parks are easiest to reach with your own car.
5 - 10 days
Eastern Border
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Staycation in Tampere

The amount of variety of activities in Tampere is what makes it one of the most visited and loved places in Finland. From historical architectures, outdoor sports and activities, gastronomy, landscapes from rooftops, shopping possibilites, amusement park Särkänniemi, unique nightlife, River that flows through the city, parks and so much more! Out of all these you can choose wheter to spend a nice and relaxed, full of acitivities, or both mixed staycation in a few days or longer.
2 - 4 days
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Staycation in Espoo

There is a lot to experience in Espoo for several days, but you can also come here for a mini holiday and staycation. This themed route, which is mainly implemented on the bike, is perfect for couples and groups of friends who are looking for a short break from hectic everyday life. You can enjoy the route as it is, tweak the content to your liking or extend your vacation for several days. This themed route is feasible without your own car easily and sustainably.
1 - 2 days
Keilaniemi - Otaniemi - Laajalahti - Leppävaara - Tapiola
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Sparkle of Gold in Northern Lapland

The history of gold is strong in the Inari-Saariselkä region. Start your journey by exploring the history of gold in domestic and international culture at the world's only international Gold Museum in Tankavaara.
2 - 4 days
Saariselkä - Lemmenjoki National Park
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Old Wooden Towns Tour

Walking in the middle of old wooden houses is like stepping into a fairytale world: colorful buildings, ornate facades, cobbled streets which create an atmosphere that exudes the past. In the old wooden house towns on the southwest coast of Finland you will find many restaurants, cafes, boutiques and museums. Most of the wooden house towns were built in the 18th and 18th centuries. The areas are well cared for, which guarantees that we are able to admire these unique and historic sites in the future as well.
3 - 5 days
Turku - Naantali - Uusikaupunki - Rauma - Pori
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North Karelian Tour

Experience the Finnish National landscape in the heart of Koli National park, capital of North Karelia, Joensuu and nature of Nurmes and Karelian Holiday Resort Bomba. Driving in Finland is easy and stress-free, there are no traffic jams and very little traffic in rural areas. Stop by little villages, find a public beach on a lake and go for a swim. The national parks are easiest to reach with your own car.
3 - 6 days
Joensuu - Lieksa - Nurmes - Koli
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Memorable North Lapland road trip

Inari-Saariselkä region has two of the biggest national parks in Finland, Strict Nature Reserve of Kevo, 6 wilderness areas and Inari hiking area. In Saariselkä alone there are 200 kilometers of marked routes to be explored. Get to know national parks and nature sights during your road trip in Northernmost Lapland.
6 - 9 days
Saariselkä - Ivalo - Inari - Kaamanen - Karigasniemi - Utsjoki - Nuorgam - Sevettijärvi
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Ironworks Roundtrip

You can start this themed route either from the end or as mentioned, whatever fits your own schedule. The journey takes place from Noormarkku ironworks, through the villages of Leineperi, Kauttua, Teijo to Taalintehdas. The distance in one direction is about 260 km when following the straightest road. There are many cafés and restaurants along the ironwork routes, where you can sample locally produced delicacies. Historic ironworks environments and local food go well together.
3 - 5 days
Pori - Salo - Mathildedal - Taalintehdas
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In the heart of the Sámi land

Start your trip in Saami from Inari. Get to know Sámi culture at the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre in Siida and the Sámi Cultural Centre in Sajos. Siida’s exhibitions provide a cultural experience for all the senses. Learn and understand the life and traditions of Europe’s only indigenous people, which are still present in Inari and throughout the region.
4 - 6 days
Inari - Kaamanen - Karigasniemi - Utsjoki - Nuorgam - Sevettijärvi
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Helsinki City Break

Spend a holiday in the capital for a short or longer time, and experience Helsinki's diverse nature, restaurant and cultural offerings. On this holiday you can leave your car at home, take the public transport bus to Nuuksio National Park, the connecting ferry to Suomenlinna or the metro to Aurinkolahti shore boulevard. There is also plenty to see and experience in the center of Helsinki; stunning architecture of old buildings and churches, lovely parks to have a picnic and the hustle and bustle of the market square!
2 - 5 days
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Helsinki Archipelago by foot and Wooden Districts

Helsinki is a seaside city surrounded over 300 beautiful islands to explore. Spend a long weekend in the capital and experience Helsinki's beautiful archipelago and it´s nature. Visit in two different islands; Seurasaari and Lammassaari. Both of them you can reach by foot. Explore three different wooden districts of Helsinki; Kumpula, Käpylä and Vallilla. Strolling between old colorful houses, it feels like you’ve jumped back in time.
3 - 5 days
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Archipelago Family Trip

In the archipelago and the coastal area can be found something to do also for the youngest members of the family, not forgetting the parents. This route for families covers the areas of Southwest Finland and Satakunta. You can go through all the destinations or choose the ones you like best ort fit to your schedule. The route can also be done in any order. Highlights include Moomin World in Naantali, Koivuniemi Lord's MuuMaa Merikarvia, Rosala Viking Center and various activity parks in both Pori Yyteri and Turku.
2 - 5 days
Mathildedal - Rosala - Korppoo - Nauvo - Naantali - Turku - Rauma - Pori
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Amazing Päijänne

Lake Päijänne is the second largest lake in Finland. It is surrounded by rural landscape, idyllic towns and many islands. You can drive your way around the lake either clockwise or as recommended. Start your journey from Lahti and reach Jyväskylä in a day or two. You will drive past some of the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes in southern Finland. Check out the different activities that can be found on the planning site where surely you will find yourself and your company something to do along the road!
3 - 5 days
Asikkala – Sysmä – Toivakka – Jyväskylä – Muurame – Jämsä – Kuhmoinen – Padasjoki - Lahti