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Holiday for Nature Lovers Savonlinna Region

Visit the most beautiful nature spots on Lake Saimaa, spend your nights in charming hotels, villas or B&B and try out variety of lake activities. This tour leads you to a the the national parks of Savonlinna - Linnansaari and Kolovesi, to Punkaharju national landscapes and Hytermä nature conservation island - as well as to the beautiful town of Savonlinna.
4 - 14 Days
Linnansaari National Park - Kolovesi National Park - Kerimäki - Punkaharju - Kesälahti - Savonlinna
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Via Karelia

Experience the Finnish National landscape in the heart of Koli National park, capital of North Karelia, Joensuu and nature of Nurmes and Karelian Holiday Resort Bomba. Driving in Finland is easy and stress-free, there are no traffic jams and very little traffic in rural areas. Stop by little villages, find a public beach on a lake and go for a swim. The national parks are easiest to reach with your own car.
5 - 10 days
Eastern Border
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Seaside experiences at the Finnish Archipelago

You will face the seaside nature and cultural encounters just by the water. Combining nature destinations and city experiences you will get most out of your journey. Every place you visit offers you options for local restaurants and cafés. In Turku and Rauma you can visit and learn about maritime culture and history in exhibitions.
3 - 6 days
Salo - Kemiönsaari - Parainen - Turku - Naantali - Rauma - Pori
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Old Wooden Towns Tour

Walking in the middle of old wooden houses is like stepping into a fairytale world: colorful buildings, ornate facades, cobbled streets which create an atmosphere that exudes the past. In the old wooden house towns on the southwest coast of Finland you will find many restaurants, cafes, boutiques and museums. Most of the wooden house towns were built in the 18th and 18th centuries. The areas are well cared for, which guarantees that we are able to admire these unique and historic sites in the future as well.
3 - 5 days
Turku - Naantali - Uusikaupunki - Rauma - Pori
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National Parks and Wilderness Area

What do the two largest national parks in Finland mean? It means a comprehensive network of marked and maintained routes throughout the year. It means an endless amount of untouched nature where you are completely equal to nature. You will travel at the pace of nature with your favorite hobby or you will rediscover or experience it for the first time. You can safely walk around the services under the guidance of a guide or travel for hours or days without seeing anyone but the animals and changing vegetation of northernmost Lapland.
5 - 7 days
Saariselkä - Nellim - Inari - Utsjoki - Nuorgam
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Memorable North Lapland road trip

Inari-Saariselkä region has two of the biggest national parks in Finland, Strict Nature Reserve of Kevo, 6 wilderness areas and Inari hiking area. In Saariselkä alone there are 200 kilometers of marked routes to be explored. Get to know national parks and nature sights during your road trip in Northernmost Lapland.
6 - 9 days
Saariselkä - Ivalo - Inari - Kaamanen - Karigasniemi - Utsjoki - Nuorgam - Sevettijärvi
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In the heart of the Sámi land

Start your trip in Saami from Inari. Get to know Sámi culture at the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre in Siida and the Sámi Cultural Centre in Sajos. Siida’s exhibitions provide a cultural experience for all the senses. Learn and understand the life and traditions of Europe’s only indigenous people, which are still present in Inari and throughout the region.
4 - 6 days
Inari - Kaamanen - Karigasniemi - Utsjoki - Nuorgam - Sevettijärvi
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Grand National Park Tour

Welcome to our customised route, where You will be filled with nature, long walks and wellness! In Finland we have 40 National Parks and this route gives you the opportunity to explore at least 6 of them in one single trip!
5 - 12 days
Helsinki - Päijänne National Park - Leivonmäki National Park - Laukaa - Etelä-Konnevesi National Park - Pyhä-Häkki National Park - Kinnula - Salamajärvi National Park - Rokuan National Park - Oulu
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From the capital of Rovaniemi to the northernmost area!

Perhaps it is the most traditional road trip in Lapland, which heads along the E75 highway northwards from Rovaniemi towards the North Cape. This time the trip is taken entirely in Finland, from southern Lapland up to the rugged fell highlands of Utsjoki and the Tenojoki River. Saariselkä, Utsjoki and Inari are great destinations for staying overnight on the trip. In Rovaniemi at Arktikum and in Inari at Siida, visitors are taken on a journey to experience the culture of the northern regions and the indigenous Sámi.
3 - 7 days
Rovaniemi - Saariselkä - Utsjoki - Inari
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Archipelago Trail route by bike

Shiny yellow car ferries and smaller blue and white passenger ferries, fantastic views from bridges and causeways, cute red wooden buildings, marinas brimming with sailing boats, these are all memories you will take home from The Archipelago Trail. The sea is never far away in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos. You will visit most of the major islands in the archipelago. Each island has its own special charm. The route meanders through historic villages where you can find plenty of things to do during the summer. (test)
2 - 5 days
Archipelago of Turku
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Archipelago Family Trip

In the archipelago and the coastal area can be found something to do also for the youngest members of the family, not forgetting the parents. This route for families covers the areas of Southwest Finland and Satakunta. You can go through all the destinations or choose the ones you like best ort fit to your schedule. The route can also be done in any order. Highlights include Moomin World in Naantali, Koivuniemi Lord's MuuMaa Merikarvia, Rosala Viking Center and various activity parks in both Pori Yyteri and Turku.
2 - 5 days
Mathildedal - Rosala - Korppoo - Nauvo - Naantali - Turku - Rauma - Pori