The Heartland of Happiness
The Evo Hiking Area is a suitable destination for everyone within a short distance of the largest cities of Southern Finland. The hiking area is located in Hämeenlinna, near Lammi village, and it has many different marked routes for a total of 70 km. Evo has several easy nature trails and a forestry skill track where you can learn about forest estimation.

The difference in altitude between the area's lowest point and highest point is as much as 80 metres, so in addition to easy nature trails, there is a challenge also for even more experienced hikers. There are cooking shelters and campfire sites on the shores of small forest ponds and lakes to enjoy a meal in a forest. There are plenty of different species of fish living in the lakes of Evo and fishing is a popular activity in the area. In addition to fishing, you can also swim, cycle, paddle, climb and hike and ski during the winter. In addition to camping areas and shelters you can stay the night in various rental cabins.

Evo has a diverse nature. The luckiest ones manage to catch a glimpse of a beaver or a lynx. From the forests of Evo, you can freely pick mushrooms and berries during hiking. Häme University of Applied Sciences has a forestry degree program in Evo Campus. Evo has a long history and you can find old loggers’ cabins and charcoal pits in the area. Evo is easily accessible by car or by bike, the nearest bus stations are located in Lammi, Hämeenlinna and Padasjoki.

In co-operation with Visit Kanta-Häme, we welcome You to Evo!

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Niemisjärvi fishing zone

Wildlife & Nature

In the Niemisjärvi fishing zone you can catch for example rainbow trout, trout and whitefish. The fishing area is especially suitable for families, there are easy trails around the lakes and several campfire sites. For people with disabilities, Niemisjärvi has its own throwing dock. There is also own lake for children under 12 years old where they can practice fishing with parents. In winter you can go ice fishing in Niemisjärvi. The area also has a three-kilometer-long Nature Trail.

Forestry skill track

Wildlife & Nature

The four-kilometre long forestry skill track leaves from the Evokeskus. The forestry skill track has different points where you can learn and try your own skills in forest assessment. You can get task cards for the forestry skill track from the Evo campus of the Häme University of Applied Sciences.

Evo water nature trail

Wildlife & Nature

On the Evo water nature trail, you can move by paddling, rowing or SUP boarding. The seven-kilometre long nature trail is easy to track using the DigiTrail app. There are 12 checkpoints on the water nature trail and between them you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Evo. Checkpoints on the nature trail inform the peculiarities and research findings of Evo's nature.

Syrjänalunen Ridge Trail

Wildlife & Nature

The Syrjänalusen Ridge Trail runs through beautiful ridge landscapes. Differences in height along the route are wide while climbing the side of the ridge. Along the route is the beautiful Syrjänalunen Pond, with a campfire site and lean-to on the shore. The trail leaves from the Syrjänalunen parking lot.

The Tarus Area

Wildlife & Nature

The Tarus area is part of the Evo hiking area. There are several lean-tos in the Tarus area and on the shore of Lake Iso-Tarusjärvi there is a swimming spot. The Tarus area includes over six-kilometer-long “Karhulenkki” nature trail and four-kilometer-long “Savottapolku” telling about the cabin culture and the faits of hermits.