The Heartland of Happiness
Hämeenlinna is a beautiful city with a lot of parks, located at the centre of Finland in terms of its population density, just an hour's drive from Helsinki and Tampere. The medieval Häme Castle and the other museums in the Castle Peninsula area invite people to explore historical corridors and narrow stairways.

In Hämeenlinna, nature is never far away. In Aulanko, you can admire Finland's national landscape, which inspired master composer Jean Sibelius when composing Finlandia. In the Evo Hiking Area, you can hike on land inhabited by beavers and stay in a lean-to shelter. In summer, the Ahvenisto Activity Park is a favourite nature resort for families with its lakes and many activities. In winter, you can swim in a hole in the ice, ski on forest tracks and go sledding in the hills at Ahvenisto Activity Park.

Hämeenlinna has several fascinating cultural sites. At Iittala Village, you can learn about glass blowing, meet local artisans and admire naive art. The Verkatehdas area has a wide range of arts, from live music to theatre and various art exhibitions. Hämeenlinna is a golfer’s dream resort, as there are four golf courses which are very close to each other. It is easy to come to Hämeenlinna by train, bus or car. Hämeenlinna is also accessible from Tampere by boat.

In co-operation with Visit Kanta-Häme, we welcome You to Hämeenlinna!

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Häme Castle

History & Architecture

The Häme Castle, one of the three largest medieval castles in Finland, is full of fascinating history within its thick walls. The story of the castle, which today operates as a museum, began in the 13th century. Take a peek into the well, visit the exhibitions and climb the castle towers! You can also use a combined ticket valid at the Castle, Museum Militaria and the Prison in the Castle Peninsula area on the shores of Lake Vanajavesi.

Aulanko Nature Reserve

Landscapes & Sceneries

The Aulanko Nature Reserve, Lake Aulangonjärvi and the Sibelius Forest invite you to do some hiking. On top of the observation tower on Aulangonvuori Hill, there is a breathtaking view of the national landscape. When hiking in the Aulanko area, you can stop at pavilions, wander in a magical thuya forest and climb the towers of the Granite Castle. There are also many different activities in the Aulanko area, such as paddling, stand-up paddleboarding, a climbing park, a spa and two golf courses.

Iiittala Village

Arts & Culture

Iittala Village is a home of designers, artisans and artists, where everyone has something to do and see. It is fascinating to watch the work of glass blowers and see well-known glass objects completed from the Iittala Glass Factory's viewing balcony. At the Kultasuklaa factory shop, you can fill your stomach with sweets. The Design Museum, the Iittala factory shop, the naive art exhibition and local artisans invite you to spend a day in this charming little village.

Evo hiking area

Wildlife & Nature

The Evo Hiking Area is a home of lynxes, beavers and flying squirrels. One of the largest continuous forest areas in Southern Finland invites you to enjoy hiking and fishing. The area has 70 kilometres of marked trails in ridge landscapes between rugged forests and clear forest lakes and ponds. In summer, you can hike, fish, swim, bike or paddle in the area, and in winter, Evo trails invite you to enjoy skiing.


Outdoor & Sports

The entire family will enjoy the Ahvenisto Nature Reserve and the Activity Park! The beautiful ridge area, which served as one of the competition sites of the 1952 Olympic Games, and adjacent Lake Ahvenistonjärvi are among the most popular outdoor areas in Hämeenlinna. In addition to the natural beach, you can swim at the Ahvenisto open-air swimming pool. In addition, the Ahvenisto forest has a climbing park, ridge trails and nature trail. Close to the beach, there is a hut and volleyball fields as well as a playground.