Parkano is a lively town with beautiful nature and great services.
Parkano is located in the watershed between Satakunta, Pirkanmaa and Ostrobothnia, which makes the landscape quite rugged. The town is characterised by extensive forests, swamps, in some places rocky moraine hills and ridges and small rapids and river trails. Suomenselkä runs in the northern part of the city. Most of the area belongs to the Kyrösjärvi route of the Kokemäenjoki watershed, but partly to the Karvianjoki watershed in the western part and to the Jalasjoki watershed in the northern part to the Kyrönjoki river. The highest terrain in Parkano is Alkkianvuori, which extends to 201m above sea level, near the border with Karvia.

There are several natural and cultural sites to visit in the Parkano area.

Juuri sitä parasta


Alkkianvuori hill

Wildlife & Nature

Another main attraction of the Geopark is the highest point in Parkano, Alkkianvuori, which rises 201 meters above sea level. In its geologically valuable area, you can see the post-glacial shore cliffs, ditches and slopes, as well as old rocky pines, bypassing the nature trail. The terrain of the nature trail is quite varied, partly steep and rocky, partly crossed by long trees.

Viinikanjoki-river refreshes the center

Wildlife & Nature

The Viinikanjoki-river is an oasis near the center of Parkano. It is not only a well-known fishing area but also a recreation area, with a mini golf course and a terrace café opened in Leijonapuisto-park last summer. You can also admire ITE art in the park.

Käpykintukka nature trail

Wildlife & Nature

The Käpykintukka orbits in rugged landscapes. The seven-kilometer-long Käpykintukka hiking trail also departs from the Forest Museum, which winds most of the trip in the coastal scenery. The views of the unconstructed rocky shores are rugged in many places, and the elongated trees lead from the forest canopy over the marshes. You can also get to know the waters of the barn by cruising on the Vespääsky ferry from Käenkoski to the Forest Museum and back.

Kaidatvedet lake chain

Wildlife & Nature

Naturally beautiful and ja wilderness-inspired Kaidatvedet is one of Parkano's top destinations in LH Geopark. The Gustav deer has been given a title trail to the area and now invites families with children in particular to enjoy nature, move around and play together. The nature trail, which is about two kilometers long, is in itself experiential, as the terrain varies from a swampy area to rugged cliffs and spruce forests with moss. To the delight of the children, boards have been placed along the path with a hints of fun.