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Coastal route by bike

Bicycle along the Finnish coastline and in the Finnish archipelago through amazing seaside landscapes. You will pass beautiful sceneries, forests, lakes, coastal beaches and small idyllic villages. You stay overnight in small hotels and B&Bs and relax yourself in Finnish saunas. Enjoy local fresh food and delicacies in the cafeterias and restaurants along the route.
3 - 6 days
Salo - Mathildedal - Kemiönsaari - Taalintehdas - Kasnäs - Hiittinen - Bengtskär - Hanko - Tammisaari - Tenhola
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Small Archipelago Trail

The Small Archipelago Trail is a shorter option of the main Archipelago Trail. It turns off the large trail in Nagu where you take a ferry via the remarkable Seili Island directly to Hanka in Naantali. The Small Archipelago Trail is a roundtrip that is about 120 km. The route runs through five towns, fifteen permanently inhabited islands and some smaller uninhabited islands. By cycling around the Small Archipelago Trail by bike you get flexibile during the whole way you can enjoy unbelievable sceneries Availability until 29.08.2021
2 - 5 days
Naantali - Rymättylä - Seili - Nauvo - Parainen - Turku
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Maritime Holiday in Espoo and Kirkkonummi

The maritime of Espoo and Kirkkonummi is unparalleled. Experience unforgettable experiences and a marine atmosphere on this themed route. This route is suitable for families, couples, and groups of friends who love the sea and the archipelago. The trip can be done as it is, or it can be modified to suit your liking and your own schedule.
2 - 4 days
Espoo - Kirkkonummi
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Archipelago Trail route by bike

Shiny yellow car ferries and smaller blue and white passenger ferries, fantastic views from bridges and causeways, cute red wooden buildings, marinas brimming with sailing boats, these are all memories you will take home from The Archipelago Trail. The sea is never far away in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos. You will visit most of the major islands in the archipelago. Each island has its own special charm. The route meanders through historic villages where you can find plenty of things to do during the summer. (test)
2 - 5 days
Archipelago of Turku