Altai Ski Rental in Pyhä Lapland - 1 day, 3 or 5 days

    Our Altai skis require no groomed areas, no lifts, no tickets. In fact, they prefer it that way!

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    The Altai ski is designed as an easy to use ski for the backcountry. Its short wide dimensions makes the ski incredibly maneuverable, and the integrated climbing skin gives the Altai ski great traction for climbing.The right balance of running base and skin material makes the ski’s downhill speed manageable and easy to control. Bridging cross-country skis and snowshoes, the Altai ski combines the maneuverability and ease of use found in snowshoes with the ski’s efficiency of sliding forward rather then lifting and stepping with each stride.

    The skis comes with universal bindings that fit most winter boots.

    Rental prices per Altai ski pair:

    1 day - €30

    3 days - €70

    5 days - €110  

    Hintaan sisältyy

    Altai skis, poles, quick skiing instructions, map and route recommendation.

    Thermos with hot berry beverage can be rented separately for €5 per 0.75L thermos.


    From Rovaniemi, the closest airport and Santa Claus’ headquarters, it takes two hours by car or by Skibus to reach us in Pyhä (Hotel Pyhätunturi).

    Kindly note that 10% of the price of your rental is non-refundable. The 10% will be used to cover fees connected to your booking such as credit card transactions and other administrative charges. Refunds will only be issued to the card used to purchase the rental.


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    Altai Ski Rental in Pyhä Lapland - 1 day, 3 or 5 days

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