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    Lappish Kota dinner

    Enjoy a 3-course dinner in a typical wooden "kota" tepee

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    Looking for a local dining experience to remember? Our 3-course Kota dinner is prepared and served in a traditional wooden ‘kota’ tepee, located on an island next to Vaattunki resort. Kota has no electricity nor running water, so the experience is truly authentic! On the way we cross a bridge going over the rafts of river Raudanjoki and walk through a snow-covered forest to a cosy ‘kota’ lit by candles. 

    Hintaan sisältyy

    Transfers, 3-course dinner served in a typical wooden "kota" tepee.
    Mushroom soup
    Glow-fried salmon, mashed potatoes with dill sour cream sauce, coleslaw salad
    Traditional Finnish pancakes with whipped cream and strawberry jam


    Min. 10 adults per departure. 

    Thermal clothing recommended, Kota is an authentic Lappish hut with a fireplace and no electricity/heating. It has no running water or indoor toilet (nearest available is at Vaattunki Wilderness Resort 10-15 min away)


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    Lappish Kota dinner

    2 tuntia



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    EUR 134.00