• Space to think and meditate on lake Päijänne
  • Listening to Nature in the silence
  • Warm juice will refresh your senses, too
  • Meditative kick sledding in the forest
  • Joy will spring from the kicksledder

    Meditative kicksleding on the springlike landscape of lake Päijänne

    Kicksled in peace listening to the silent sounds of nature. Go crazy for the scent of early spring. Hear the sounds of your quiet breathing and your kicksleds rustle, rhythms guiding you to meditation. Also have the patience to stop and enjoy your snacks.

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    • Kicksled
    • guiding  
    • supplies

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    • The terrain is mostly flat and easy to move, but not suitable for disabled people.
    • · In order to get to the ice of the lake, a hill about 500 m long must be traveled. The height difference of the hill is about 20 m.
    • · An almost similar hill begins the forest trail.
    • · Our kicksleds are traditional Finnish kicksleds for adults, whose height is 160 – 180 cm.
    • We have two kicksleds for children too. The height of the child should be 100 – 130 cm.

    The length of the trip is 3 – 5 km.

    Potkukelkkailu on mahdollista, kun maassa on tarpeeksi lunta ja Päijänteen jää on turvallisesti jäässä.

    Mitä minun tulee tuoda mukana?

    Pleae take with you

    • your drinking bottle
    • your sunglasses
    • an extra warm jacket that you can put on when stopping

    Dress for the weather: good winter sneakers or low heeled winter boots and a casual uncompressed winter outfit.


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    Meditative kicksleding on the springlike landscape of lake Päijänne

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