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    Mountaineering ABC

    Learning safely the basic techniques required to join a mountain climbing trip.

    8 tuntia



    The Complete Module:

    1. Equipment & rehearsal module: Ice axe and crampons techniques, also jumar ascenders and basic rope management.

    2. Theory module: Acute Mountains Sickness and its prevention, mountain weather, nutrition and hydrating, clothing and equipment. Other dangers in the mountains and how to avoid them.

    Client will learn the safe techniques for using ice axe, crampons, climbing rope, also self-arrest. Also learning the about the risks and how to minimize it. Get’s to feel some of the aspects of mountaineering in mainly real-like conditions.

    Hintaan sisältyy

    Techniques learned: use of ice axes, crampons, jumar ascenders, harness, gaiters. How to function as a rope team member.

    A light yet nutritious meal by a bonfire (also veg option) can be purchased separately for €15 per person.


    Modules can also be done separately. Price of Module 1 or 2: 139 € / person. Please contact Bliss Adventure.

    From Rovaniemi, the closest airport and Santa Claus’ headquarters, it takes two hours by car or by Skibus to reach us in Pyhä (Hotel Pyhätunturi). 

    Kindly note that 10% of the price of your tour is non-refundable. The 10% will be used to cover fees connected to your booking such as credit card transactions and other administrative charges. Refunds will only be issued to the card used to purchase the tour.

    Mitä minun tulee tuoda mukana?

    Clients are expected to have suitable personal clothing for winter activities.


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    CAMP Kitchen & Bar Pyhä
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    Pyhätunturi (Pelkosenniemi)

    Mountaineering ABC

    8 tuntia



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