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    Northern Lights and Other magics

    The Polar Night Journey to the wild nature. You will experience the magics of Polar night, free from human made hassle. Among the very best spots to track Auroras in Lapland.

    2 tuntia ja 30 minuuttia



    Northern lights are simply magical. No wonder seeing this natural phenomena is a dream come true to basically every visitor in Lapland. Many are lucky enough to see them but it can never be guaranteed: People do not have control over the nature and it’s miracles. Anyway, our surroundings are among the very best spots to see Auroras in Lapland.  

    With us you will have a guided adventure on the wilderness. We will take you there by a snow mobile sleigh (you’ll not be driving yourself) when there is snow, and in snow free times we take a guided walk through forest. All options include snacks, warm drinks, and stories on a campfire.   

    If you are lucky, you’ll enjoy beautiful auroras playing on the arctic sky above us. But even if you are not lucky enough to see auroras, do not worry: the surroundings are magical as such. Old trees, most of the time covered on snow, looking like fairy-tale creatures. Usually clear starry sky, Milky way, millions of stars following your way, sometimes the moon coloring the silver scenery and painting diamonds on the pure untouched snow. If the night is so cloudy that there is no visible sky at all, you’ll experience the rather rare total and complete darkness of the polar night. No human made hassle. No artificial lights. No human made sounds. Only you and the greatest of all: magical pure nature.


    Night tour to the wild nature. On this tour you will experience all the magics of Polar night, free from human made hassle. A guided adventure on the wilderness... and back ;)

    Hintaan sisältyy

    Authentic local reindeer herder as your guide, telling about reindeer and reindeer herding, Lapland, nature, and culture.

    Transport on snow time or a guided walk when there is no snow from the farm to the wilderness (and back ;) )

    Tasting traditional snacks and warm drinks on campfire 

    Hintaan ei sisälly

    Transport from the city to the farm (you can book one if you need it)



    Please note that we do not have any attractions build specially for visitors. Instead we offer authentic and natural real-life experiences in wilderness and free ranging semi-wild reindeer herd. But no fear, we’ll surely take good care of you and it’s completely safe, though.  

    In all our journeys, we respect nature and show how to behave respectfully in nature. All activities are planned carefully also according to this. We use as little and as eco-friendly products as possible, minimize the waste, and recycle everything. Anything you bring to nature, also bring it back with you. We also minimize our carbon footprint by conserving our own forests from heavy forestry.      

    Mitä minun tulee tuoda mukana?

    Wear warm outdoor clothing. If you need to rent clothing, Rovaniemi Tourist Office will help you with that.  


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    Northern Lights and Other magics

    2 tuntia ja 30 minuuttia



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