• Meet the lovely couple at their private cabin
  • Smooth cliffs and a peaceful bay at this private location
  • Feel at home on the private island
  • The host tells you all about fishing with nets.
  • Warm cliffs and a great view on this private location
  • Use the opportunity to test a real Finnish sauna
  • From the sauna you have a great view overlooking Helsinki!
  • Cottage life with Scandinavian design.
  • Learn from the locals what cottage life is all about
  • Nature trail with wild nature
  • Seasonal catch.

    Redrib Cottage Locals Experience

    Spend a day with the locals at their private summer cottage island. Combine it with the thrill of riding a rigid RIB boat!

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    Escape the city and spend a day with the locals on their private summer cottage island. Combine it with the thrill of riding a rigid RIB boat! We visit their stunning island with its silky smooth cliffs. Meet the lovely family hosts, just taking a brake from their ordinary summer holiday to open up their private summer cottage for us. Hear all about cottage life, fishing and World War II history. Try the sauna with its breath taking view. Take a nature walk and hear all about swimming moose and blueberries. Sit down on warm cliffs and enjoy the home made archipelago lunch on this relaxed day. Just like the locals. With the locals. The RIB boat takes you back to the city in 30 min after this mini vacation.

    Hintaan sisältyy

    ° Guided RIB boat tour through the archipelago

    ° All passenger equipments needed

    ° Guided tour on the Island with nature trail walk.

    ° Access to private cabins on the island.

    ° Archipelago lunch

    ° Sauna (optional)


    This trip is of easy physical level. You can attend this tour with regular physical capabilities, although you have to be able get in and out of the boat on different piers, walk on nature paths, in nature or on cliffs on tours with island stops. Unfortunately, this tour is not designed to attend with a wheel chair for safety reasons. We can inform you in all cases about your specific requirements by contacting us by mail in advance before booking .

    Children from 6 years up can participate in company with their parents. Please arrive to our hub in a sustainable way.  More info how to reach us under meeting point by check-out. Read more about our sustainability program on the front page.

    Mitä minun tulee tuoda mukana?

    Please bring your swimsuit and towel if you want to try a genuine Finnish sauna.


    Tämä elämys voidaan aloittaa seuraavista paikoista:
    Front of Marina Bay Café, Boat Guest Harbour. Please use sustainable transporting like public transportation HSL tram nr 5, stop Tove Janssonin Puisto
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    Redrib Cottage Locals Experience

    4 tuntia


    102 Arvostelua


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