• Nature path on the nature reserve island. Explore the flora and fauna.
  • Cliffs and wild nature
  • Wild life and what eatable you can collect on the island.

    Redrib Nature Reserve Experience

    RIB speed boat cruise with nature reserve island stop over and nature walk with marine biologist.

    5 tuntia



    Leaving from Helsinki, we speed and cruise between islands on our way to a nature reserve. Our guide, a professional biologist, takes us through the variety of flora and fauna developed on a archipelago island. 

    Take some time also to listen to the silence. After the tour we enjoy a light lunch before heading back to the city with the RIB, surrounded by hundreds of islands.

    Hintaan sisältyy

    •  Rib boat tour between the island
    •  Nature walk on the nature reserve with marine biologist.
    •  Lunch made with local ingredients.


    • You need to be outdoor minded to attend this trip. 
    • You need to be able to get in and out of the boat on different piers and be able to walk on nature trails. Interest in nature.

    Mitä minun tulee tuoda mukana?

    • Outdoor wind proof clothing for the island an hiking shoes/boots. 


    Tämä elämys voidaan aloittaa seuraavista paikoista:
    Seaside of Marina Bay Café´, Guest Boat Harbour. Call +358405005271 if needed.
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    Redrib Nature Reserve Experience

    5 tuntia





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