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    Dance on the waves in a thrilling RIB boat wearing the best survival suits and equipments on the market.
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    We take you safely dancing on the waves.
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    We go where the wind lives

    Redrib Off-Shore Experience

    Experience the true nature of a rigid RIB dancing on the waves.

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    Where the wind lives. That is where we go. Leaving from Helsinki we head off-shore for a dance on the waves. You will wear a top-of-the line Ursuit Survival Suit, a marine inflatable helmet and automatic life vest to stay warm, dry and safe in any conditions.

    Safety is our highest priority and is never compromised. Speed and routes are due to weather conditions and passenger capabilities. On this journey you will safely experience the true nature of a ridgid RIB. Price for boat.


    We meet 20 min. prior to departure at Vironallas, the leisure boat port in front of the old Market Hall on the Market Square, Kauppatori. We can also pick you up at your maritime hotel pier. Here you will be given your passenger equipments for the tour. We will provide you with the best equipments available. A 100% waterproof Ursuit survival suit, neoprene baclava and gloves, a inflatable marine helmet and an automatic inflatable life west are included. The suit has integrated welded rubber boots. After a extended safety briefing we head for the open sea south of Helsinki. 

    From Kustaanmiekka the driver reads the wind and the waves, and decide which way to go. Usually the route goes either directly south pass Harmaja lighthouse or towards the east. 

    We open up the throttle and look for the optimal speed according to the conditions. You will experience the difference in riding with the waves or against them. Sometimes we follow the shape of the waves, sometimes we fly over them with the propeller in the air.

    On this trip you get the feel of the dynamics of a rough sea and how to safely drive in speed under such conditions that leaves most of the regular boats in shore. 

    You will notice how a commercial RIB -boat works under these conditions and realise why this boat type is used in resque missions, by the military and the coast guard.

    For safety reasons we take a maximum of 4 passengers on this tour. This tour has a higher difficulty level and is suitable for adults only. You do not need to be an athlete to participate, but you do need to have good normal physical functions, maritime experience and to be an outdoor/boating enthusiast to appreciate this tour to its full extend. If you never have been in a fast open boat before, please book one of our other tours. You need a long sleeve warm pullover in fleece or wool as personal clothing. Please do not use a cotton-college shirt with a hood. You can use an on-body waterproof camera like GoPro on the trip but no hand -held or phone camera can be used during the drive. 

    We always drive according to actual weather conditions, not the forecast, and passenger capabilities. Beacuse of the nature of this trip, changes in routes, day of departure or driving time may apply. 

    Hintaan sisältyy

    • Driver and safety instructor
    • Top of the line passenger safety equipment.


    You need to be in good physical condition and be outdoor minded to enjoy this  tour. 

    You cannot be pregnant or have back problems while attending this tour. Unfortunately this tour is not designated for persons with impaired mobility or   persons in wheel chairs due to safety reasons. Please arrive to our hub in a sustainable way.  More info how to reach us under meeting point by check-out. Read more about our sustainability program on the front page.

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    You can come as you are directly from the street into a great adventure.

    A warm pullover under the survival suit is recommended


    Tämä elämys voidaan aloittaa seuraavista paikoista:
    Seaside of Marina Bay Café´, Guest Boat Harbour. Call +358405005271 if needed. Please use sustainable transporting like public transportation HSL tram nr 5, stop Tove Janssonin Puisto
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    Redrib Off-Shore Experience

    1 tunti


    4 Arvostelua


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    Helsinki (Helsingfors)


    EUR 890.00