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    We have 170.000 islands in the archipelago.
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    Smooth cliffs and sunset.
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    We can even arrange for an overnight stay in a tent for you
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    Bring your own picnic basket or let us put one together for you.
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    A mini vacation for a day on an island.

    Redrib Private Island Experience

    Spend the day on your own private island. We bring you what you need.

    6 tuntia



    Leaving from Helsinki, we take you out for a whole day on your “own” island. Enjoy the privacy for sunbathing, barbecue or a swim. We tailor the day for you and can provide you with the utilities, beverages and food you need. Pick up in the evening and a sunset speed drive back to the city is a perfect end to a perfect day. This trip has a weather reservation.


    Finland has an every mans right that enables anybody to spend a day or ĺonger on a uninhabited island. We find one for you for the day where

    you can spend a relaxing day with your family or friends. We can arrange with a picnic basket to additional costs or you can bring your own food and drinks.

    We can not guarantee a certain island or the one we choose to be free, but there is a total of 170.000 islands in our archipelago, so the chances to find a vacant island is really good. 

    Hintaan sisältyy

    • RIB boat cruise and speed through the archipelago
    • Guide
    • "Own" island for the day for sunbathing or picnic.


    This trip is of easy physical level. You can attend this tour with regular physical capabilities, although you have to be able get in and out of the boat on different piers, walk on nature paths, in nature or on cliffs on tours with island stops. Unfortunately, this tour is not designed to attend with a wheel chair for safety reasons. We can inform you in all cases about your specific requirements by contacting us by mail in advance before booking .

    Children from 6 years up can participate in company with their parents.

    Generally no toilets or buildings available on the islands.

    Barbecue is in grill, not on open fire if there is no dedicated fireplace available. Please arrive to our hub in a sustainable way.  More info how to reach us under meeting point by check-out. Read more about our sustainability program on the front page.

    Mitä minun tulee tuoda mukana?

    You can bring your own picnic gear or let us put a basket for you together. We have all the passenger equipments you need.


    Tämä elämys voidaan aloittaa seuraavista paikoista:
    Marina Bay Guest Harbour.Please use sustainable transporting like public transportation HSL tram nr 5, stop Tove Janssonin Puisto. Call +358405005271 if needed
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    Redrib Private Island Experience

    6 tuntia



    Helsinki (Helsingfors)


    EUR 1000.00